Monday, November 28, 2005


I have shifted

no tag board there, only commenting system. gonna miss tag board.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Thanks a lot...

To round off a slightly shitty day (which brightened up a little later), I got off the bus at about 11 plus to find the poster for Saw staring at me from Clear Channel's bus stop ad.


Since when is it okay to put disturbing posters like that like at face level!?!!!?!??!?!!?!? Arghghhghhhghghh now everytime I come home late i'll be confronting that stupid poster aghghgh.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Murphy's Law!!!!!


The biggest and most important presentation in my life tomorrow... 6 representatives from 3M (and among them the Group Manager and Regional Manager)... My group mates think highly of me enough to send me and the great Larry to do the campaign presentation...



Why why why?!!! I never break out before exams/presentations etc and now I break out?!! Why why why??!! How can you take someone seriously when she has a bloody pimple on her nose?!! aghghghhghghgh hahxa gfhsehf fhnlsdflsd fhsd!!!!

I seriously hope I can pull it off tomorrow... I don't want to let anyone down...

Then it's the exams...

Monday, November 14, 2005

So Melodramatic!

Acckkkk... Korean tv shows are so drama!!! What with all the 'Our love will never die cause it's just began' and the girl dies in the guy's arms on the beach as he asks 'will you wait for me?'.

The romantic side of me goes 'Awwww so sad....' and cries buckets. The pragmatic/cynical side of me goes 'What the heck are they doing at the beach at dawn in the middle of winter?!' And then the romantic side of me goes 'But it's soooo beautiful! Won't you love it if it happens to you?' And then pragmatic side says 'Not if I had to die!'

But seriously. It's beautiful. How nice to have a guy love you so much he'd drag a piano to the same beach you died at and play a song for you?

Okay, I'll stop being sarcastic. I truly thought the closing scene from Stairway to Heaven was heartbreaking.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

At Orchard yesterday

I realised they changed the seats. I'm not sure. Maybe it was different all the while.


Sometimes I feel we shouldn't question what we have too much. What for? It's a waste of time.


Maybe we can look at it in many different ways. That's why you shouldn't always make excuses.


I learnt a lot about myself.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

La! (:

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Jh , Mel , Chris


Yesterday I was on the train. I stood near the doors with my back against the glass partition.

There was this couple standing in front of me, she was looking at him intently. He was not meeting her eyes. She stared at him for the longest time.

It was like watching a movie or reading a novel. 'She searched his face for traces of remorse, but he refused to meet her eyes' ... or something cheesy like that.

She spoke.

I didn't hear what she said, cause I had my headphones on. It would be very rude to evasdrop too. In fact, I was getting really uncomfortable standing there - because it felt like I was interupting a really private moment.

But like I said, it was really like watching a scenario which you are really familiar with, just that this time you're watching as a third person perspective rather than being in the moment itself. And you cannot take your eyes off it.

He didn't reply and still refused to meet her eyes. He was looking everywhere else but at her. She was still looking at him; her face was impassive, but her eyes were almost - for lack of a better word - pleading. It just seemed like they were alone, like the rest of the people in the train didn't exist but them.

It went on like that for a good 5 minutes. All the while she was staring at him, and he was looking out of the window.

At last, he spoke. Earnestly. Honestly. His head hung low.

As he spoke, she was slowly tearing. Like, she has already expected to hear what he was going to say, but still it still hurt to hear it out loud. For some reason, I really emphatised with her. Because she looked really hurt and well... I'm guessing this, but she looked really disappointed with him as well.

He looked at her at last. She was wiping her tears.

Then he held her hands, and they walked out at the next station.

Don't you just love happy endings? (:

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Stream of nothing

Just realised that the holidays are coming soon. Like really soon!

Hm, I got so much to talk about, but so little to type. Surely it doesn't make sense... Have been blogging a bit more at the other blog I guess.

Okay, let's get my thoughts together.

Hols are coming, I've decided not to do internship (though the one at Bintan Resorts sound really nice, but I think I've enough of SPSS for a while). Think I'm gonna spend my hols bumming, maybe go take driving, go out, shop, do stuff to my room, go to libraries. But I think I'll still be damn bored all the time. Yuck, I hate having nothing to do, but I don't wanna work also since I worked so much during term time.

But argghhhh!! I need money, so I need to do some work as well! But like what! I can't teach for nuts, so there goes tuition. Ack... I am wondering if there are any fun work I can do... I don't know. Like walking dogs or something. Actually walking dogs sound really fun! Can look really nice doing it also, like this!

Yes! Complete with the flowers and random hot guy and absolutely gorgeous dogs. Hahahaha.


Anyhoo. Have been listening to James Blunt 'You're Beautiful' on repeat lately. It got me to thinking... won't it be a wonderful song for 'Love Actually'? Especially the Kiera Knightley story? The one where she marries this guy, and the husband's best friend who always seem to really dislike her is actually in love with her.

And during Christmas, he tells her 'Without hope or agenda - Just because it's Christmas - And at Christmas you tell the truth - To me, you are perfect - And my wasted heart will love you -...'

Can you hear James Blunt in the background singing 'I saw your face / In a crowded place / And I don't know what to do / Cause I'll never be with you'

Really, you have to switch on the sound track and watch the movie.

I cried buckets during that scene! I thought it was the most romantic thing ever...